Rumbleseat Wine Videos


Gift Box Program

Chris Holloway from Rumbleseat Wine explains the gift box program and how these can
make a great gift for any family or business.

WDTN Living Dayton – Holiday Wines

Chris Holloway represents Rumbleseat Wine in WDTN’s Living Dayton news segment. Watch as Chris gives advice on holiday wines and pairings.

Welcome to Rumbleseat Wine

Proprietor Chris Holloway welcomes you to Rumbleseat Wine. He explains his wine retail philosophy, as well as a little bit about the layout of the store. If you’ve never been in the store, there are many great shots featuring the selection we currently carry.

Welcomes You to Share

Chris Holloway from Rumbleseat Wine welcomes his customers and friends to share their love of wine with him and their fellow wine enthusiasts. Video responses showing how and where you enjoy your wine, as well as tours of your cellar or collection are welcomed. If you can’t upload video, you can always send your photos [...]

Uncorked: Web Series

Uncorked: Jet’s Pizza Part 1

Episode 1, Part 1. Chris pairs a 2003 Petrognano Vigna Santa Chianti Reserva with slices of pepperoni, mushroom, and sausage from Jet’s Pizza.

Uncorked: Jet’s Pizza Part 2

Episode 1, Part 2. Chris pairs a 2003 Castiglione del Bosco Toscano IGT Dainero Tuscany with slices of mushroom, pepperoni, and sausage from Jet’s Pizza.

Uncorked: Jet’s Pizza Part 3

Episode 1, Part 3. Chris Holloway pairs La Massa wine with slices of sausage, mushroom, and pepperoni from Jet’s Pizza. Find out which topping matches best!

Uncorked: Series Preview

Rumbleseat Wine Uncorked is a wine series web cast. This short preview gives some background information on the special 3 part series premiere.


Chazz Performance

Highlights from the Chazz performance at Rumbleseat Wine on November 12, 2010. These guys really rocked the house and helped us to unwind after a long week!

Urmila Sings at UrmFest 2012

Urmila Holloway sings “Summer Time” with Ain’t Misbehavin’ for her birthday at UrmFest 2012 held at Rumbleseat Wine.


Italian Wine Maker

Tom Smith brings his Ferrari Challenge Stradale to Rumbleseat Wine in celebration of Italian winemaker, Julie Seder’s visit from La Massa Winery. She provides customers and friends with a little bit of insight into the history and daily operation of their winery in Tuscany, Italy.

Oldsmobile Arrives

Rumbleseat’s co-founder, Tom Smith, takes delivery of the Oldsmobile coupe. Tom gets his first look at the beautiful coupe he purchased from North Carolina.

Rumbleseat Travels

Azelia Winery – Piedmonte, Italy

The tour Azelia Winery in Piedmonte, Italy starts with a look at a vintage clock made for the tour guide’s grandfather. The tour includes an iampressive labeling machine and barrel room (all French Oak).

Balsamic Vinegar – Modena, Italy

Tom and Debbie taste Balsamic Vinegar that will be available for purchase at Rumbleseat Wine. The family business includes a large selection of balsamic vinegar, some used for dressings, some aged, and others categorized by acidity. The Smith’s also tour the facility where the vinegar is produced.

Banfi Winery – Montalchino, Italy Part 1

The 7,000 acre Banfi Winery is located in Montalchino, Italy and exhibits a hotel that is retrofitted as a 15th Century castle. The winery tour features revolutionary fermenters that can only be seen at Banfi and are made of french oak and stainless steel.

Banfi Winery – Montalchino, Italy Part 2

Tour the beautiful Banfi wine cellar with thousands of French oak barrels. The cellar is outstanding with gorgeous chandeliers accompanied by a bowed ceiling. Also learn about which wines are made at Banfi.

Cantine Monforte Winery – Lavis, Italy – Part 1

Cantine Monforte in Lavis, Italy is owned by Fredrico and Lorenzo. A tour of their winery includes their transportation modes for their finest quality grapes. Take an inside look at the area where their Cabernet and Merlot are stored. View their beautiful fields in a steep valley where all of the grapes are picked by [...]

Cantine Monforte Winery – Lavis, Italy – Part 2

Fredrico of Cantine Monforte continues the tour of his vineyard in Maso Cantaghel which includes an ancient ocean port that is full of history. A wine tasting room and wine cellars are found in an ancient fort.

Enoteca Wine Shop – Bellagio, Italy on Lake Como

View Lake Como and Bellagio’s beautiful architecture. The Enoteca wine shop shows off spectacular displays and a wine bar.

La Piazetta Wine Store – Cernobbio, Italy on Lake Como

Fabio gives a tour of the wine store and the owner showcases some of his favorites including a Krug Clos d’Ambonnay, Salon 1997 Champagne and a 1998 six liter Dom Perignon.

Manzone Winery – Monforte d’Alba, Italy

A wine tasting at Monzone, Monforte includes an explanation of the winery’s unique process.

Petrognano Winery, Montelupo, Italy

Enjoy a tour through the Italian Winery Petrognano in Montelupo, Italy. The tour begins with the facility where the processed wine is stored and then bottled at an impressive rate of 12,000 bottles in 8 hours. Outside the beautiful vineyard awaits and showcases beautiful red grapes from vines dating back to 1966 as well as [...]

Renato Corino Winery – La Morra, Italy – Part 1

Tour the inside of the winery and learn about the sweet grape that is used to create the wine. About 10,000 bottles of wine are made each year. The owners keep a selection of their own wine.

Renato Corino Winery – La Morra, Italy – Part 2

Meet the owner and learn about the vineyard in his own words. The grounds are toured and the architecture of the buildings are highlighted. Enjoy a view of the beautiful countryside.

Simone Santini Winery – Part 1

Located in San Gimignano, Italy, the Simone Santini Winery was founded in 1986. The tour shows their bottling and processing areas. The Winery also makes olive oil and Mr. Santini explains about his hobby of honey making.

Simone Santini Winery – Part 2

Tom and Debbie enjoy a wine tasting and then tour the olive and grape fields. Simone Santini explains about the plants and what it takes to grow a great grape.

Uccelliera Winery – Montalchino, Italy

The Smith’s are in a small winery and stop for a barrel tasting and tour. The original buildings are still on the estate as well as an impressive addition. This vineyard also processes olives for olive oil and bottles 15,000 a year.