May 9, 2017

Red Wines:

The Conundrum is the blend… they do not tell you what is in it.  It is a very rich and full bodied red that is just chock full of fruit.  It is a perfect BBQ red with a long finish.Lago Bardolino…
Lighter styled Italian red from the Valpolicella region.  Made from mainly the Corvina grape.  It is another great BBQ wine or slightly chilled makes a great summer porch pounder.
Cherry Tart Pinot Noir…
This is our Bargain Hunter this week!  Come try it before you buy it.
White Wines:
Pier 8 Chardonnay

Well balanced Chardonnay that offers the fresh fruit side of Chardonnay.  Another great spring and summer Chardonnay.
Eric Louis Sancerre...
We think this is the best region for Sauvignon Blanc grapes to grow.  Sancerre is in the Loire valley of France.  Crisp and seriously delicious.
Miglianico Trebbiano…
Trebbiano is the white grape grown in the Tuscan region of Italy.  It produces a light and refreshing white with citrus notes and a clean, dry finish.
Domaine Saurine Dry Rose…
Best of both worlds… bolder fruits of the red wines but chilled down like a white wine.  Red strawberry notes are the dominate fruit.
Emeri Pink Moscato…..
Very refreshingly sweet with plenty of nectar like flavors.  This is not as sweet as you might think but it is still sweet.

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