May 23, 2017

Red Wines:

This is one of our best deals on a red wine in the store.  We have been fortunate enough to have it around for some time and we may be running to the end of its run.  Great fruit and structure.Cabriz Red Blend…
This is a red blend out of Portugal.  It has gotten all kinds of great reviews and is a super value.  Priced perfectly for your next party.
Evesham Pinot Noir…
This winery has not been on the Ohio market in years.  It is an old vineyard out of the Willamette valley of Oregon.  It is a classic Oregon Pinot Noir.  Delicate and light, perfect for pairing with white meats on the grill, fish, chicken, pork and turkey.
White Wines:
Backhouse Chardonnay

Fruit driven style of Chardonnay, with notes of stone and yellow tropical fruits.  Very refreshing, made as a summer time white wine.
Storypoint Chardonnay...
For those of you who like it richer and fuller bodied with a creamier mouth feel.
San Simone Sparkling…
This is an outstanding, bone dry, sparkling out of Italy.  When I say dry, it is puckering dry.  These guys also make our favorite Prosecco too.
Borsao Dry Rose…
Grenahce based dry Rose from the Campo de Borgia region of Spain.  Best of both worlds because you get the fuller fruit of a red but chill it down like a white wine.
Robertson Sweet Rose…..
If you like it sweet and fresh, this is your wine.  Made with sweet grapes as a base rather than a sugar concentrate like some sweet Rose.

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