May 16, 2017

Red Wines:

From the Valpolicella region comes this “pour mans” Amarone.  They take the the must (dead yeast cells, skins etc..) from the Amarone and ferment it with the fresh juice.  This gives a vibrant but rich wine.Floriagraphy Red Blend…
Lighter styled red perfect for the summer cook outs.  This wine takes a slight chill like a champ.  It is our favorite red for the hot weather coming up.
Coppola Pinot Noir…
The Director’s Cut level, which is not the entery level and not the top end, but you can rest assured it is worth the price of admission.
White Wines:
Flat Rock Chardonnay

Fruit driven style of Chardonnay, with notes of stone and yellow tropical fruits.  Very refreshing.
Pier 8 Sauvignon Blanc...
Crisp citrus fruit full of lime and lemon flavors.  Slight background hints of grapefruit and herbs.  Grilled chicken would go great with this wine.
Picpoul de Pinet…
Very light, crisp and dry.  This wine is best described as like a Pinot Grigio, only different.  French white wine so you know it is a perfect food wine.
Borsao Dry Rose…
Grenahce based dry Rose from the Campo de Borgia region of Spain.  Best of both worlds because you get the fuller fruit of a red but chill it down like a white wine.
Robertson Sweet Rose…..
If you like it sweet and fresh, this is your wine.  Made with sweet grapes as a base rather than a sugar concentrate like some sweet Rose.

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