March 28, 2017

Red Wines:

New line of wines from the Concannon people.  This is a Cabernet from the Paso Robles region near the Central Coast of California.  Paso is known for its bold, rich Cabernet flavors with a softer silkier finish than most Napa and Sonoma Cabernets.Humberto Canale Cabernet Franc…
Cabernet Franc was the original Cabernet grape.  Cabernet Franc more recently has become a blending grape.  A little more minerality followed by dark red fruits and a solid core of acidity on the finish.

Notebook Red Blend…
This red blend comes from the Bookwalter Winery in the Columbia Valley of Washington State.  It is lush and soft on the palate with a vanilla/cocoa finish.
Some Wines Pinot Noir…
Affordable Pinot Noir. I know those words usually don’t go inthe same sentence.   This winery is located in the Santa Lucia Highlands, near Monterey California.  Santa Lucia is renoun for its big, jammy Pinot Noirs with depth.
White Wines:
Pier 8 Chardonnay

Well balanced Chardonnay from the Lodi region of California.  It has a little of everything and something for everyone.
Kunde Sauvignon Blanc...
Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc at its best.  Single Vineyard, it is fresh and crisp, spring in a bottle (now all we need is the weather!)
Lobetia Dry Rose…
Grenache (Garnacha) grapes make this light, refreshing Dry Rose from Spain.  The best of both worlds with bright red fruit but chilled down like a white wine.
Cavatina Prosecco…
Spring has sprung (hopefully) and what better to have on a warm spring day than a refreshing Prosecco.  Sparkling but you can still taste the fruit.
Robertson Sweet Rose…..
Sweet wine from South Africa.  Hints of sweet red apple, nectar and pear.  Perfect for those with a sweet fetish.

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