March 21, 2017

Red Wines:

Fortnight Cabernet…Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Cabernet…
These guys are jumping into the Whiskey Barrel aging of wine with this one.  This is Cabernet that has been aged in old Chivas whiskey barrels.  This adds texture and depth but not really scotch flavor.

Santa Rita secret Red Blend…
Cabernet, Carmenere and Syrah are blended to make this outstandingly smooth, rich red blend from Chile.
J Pinot Noir…
A new line of Pinot Noir from the J winery.  This is a little more affordable without losing and flavor or complexities.  Very exciting.
White Wines:
Callaway Chardonnay

Classic fruit forward styled Chardonnay with plenty of tropical fruit, good body with richness and some refreshing acidity on the finish.
Kunde Sauvignon Blanc...
Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc at its best.  Single Vineyard, it is fresh and crisp, spring in a bottle (now all we need is the weather!)
Saint Gregory Dry Rose…
This is a dry rose made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes.  This shows the great jammy fruit of Pinot Noir done in a crisp refreshing summer weight style.
Pier 8 Pinot Gris…
This delicious white will remoind you more of the Pinot Grigio style of this grape rather than the rich fuller bodied Pinot Gris.  It is delicious and full of fruit and minerality.
Robertson Sweet White…..
Sweet wine from South Africa.  Hints of sweet red apple, nectar and pear.  Perfect for those with a sweet fetish.

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