April 4, 2017

Red Wines:

100% Tempranillo from the Castilla region of Spain.  This wine comes from a single Vineyard called Parcela 23. Flechas De Los Andes Reserve Malbec…
On the drier side of Malbec, this wine offers both bright red casssis and deep blueberry like fruits.  This wine has a great framed oak finish that lasts.
Storypoint Pinot Noir…
This is a super bold Pinot Noir from the Central Coast of California.  Very ripe and rich, this wine will stand up to most foods.
White Wines:
Tart Cherry Chardonnay

This is our bargain hunter.  Try it before you buy it.
Mercer Chardonnay...
Just a bit bolder and creamier than the Tart Cherry.  This wine has gone through Malolactic fermentation giving it a slight buttery taste along with tropical fruits.
Domaine Saurine Dry Rose…
Grenache Rose from the south of France.  This is a light and crisp Rose with a super refreshing quality.  Strawberry fruits are the primary fruit focus in this wine.
Alandra White Blend…
Spring is here and as you know we try to find the best Porch Pounders for you and your friends.  This is one of them.  Light and crisp with wonderful citrus notes.  Easy drinking and refreshing.
Robertson Sweet Red…..
Sweet wine from South Africa.  Hints of sweet red apple, nectar and pear.  Perfect for those with a sweet fetish.

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