April 18, 2017

Red Wines:

Zinfandel based red blend from the Napa Valley.  This wine has rich, bold fruits with a surreal mouth feel.  This wine is twice the price if you try to order it on line, but the Ohio distributor bought 1,000 of the 1,300 cases produced.Colossal Red…
Red wine from Portugal that uses the Port grapes but ferments them dry!  This wine is super rich and full of blue and red fruits.  Did we mention it was a smart buy (91 points) from Wine Spectator.
Eberle Cotes Du Robles…
California’s take on a Cotes Du Rhone.  Using the same typical grapes but with the California rich fruited style…Delicious!
White Wines:
Talley Chardonnay

This winery produces only Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  So you know they do it well.  Full bodied Chardonnay with a super rich mouth feel.  It has the buttery notes but balances them with tropical fruit.
La Chasse White Blend...
French white that blends the Sauvignon Blanc grape with Genache Blanc.  Giving this wine crisp acidity and citrus fruit along with bigger body and stone fruits.
Marques De Caceros Dry Rose…
Best of both worlds offering the bigger fruits of a red wine but chilled and refreshing like a white wine.  This wine has notes of strawberry like red fruits and tart watermelon.
Enza Prosecco…
Italian Prosecco!  What else needs to be said, Italy perfected the light fruity sparkling.  Offering a little more flavor and not so much acidity as most sparkling.
Robertson Sweet Red…..
South African sweet red.  Very refreshingly sweet with plenty of red berry flavors.

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