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May 23, 2017

Red Wines: This is one of our best deals on a red wine in the store.  We have been fortunate enough to have it around for some time and we may be running to the end of its run.  Great fruit and structure.Cabriz Red Blend… This is a red blend out of Portugal.  It has gotten [...]

May 16, 2017

Red Wines: From the Valpolicella region comes this “pour mans” Amarone.  They take the the must (dead yeast cells, skins etc..) from the Amarone and ferment it with the fresh juice.  This gives a vibrant but rich wine.Floriagraphy Red Blend… Lighter styled red perfect for the summer cook outs.  This wine takes a slight chill like [...]

May 9, 2017

Red Wines: The Conundrum is the blend… they do not tell you what is in it.  It is a very rich and full bodied red that is just chock full of fruit.  It is a perfect BBQ red with a long finish.Lago Bardolino… Lighter styled Italian red from the Valpolicella region.  Made from mainly the Corvina [...]

May 2, 2017

Red Wines: Big and dark fruits from the Lodi region in California.  This is a serious wine but super easy drinking.Pacific Redwood Red Blend… Lighter styled red blend from northern California.  This winery is all organic in its practices. Jovino Pinot Noir… Willamette Valley Pinot Noir made by the Dobbs family.  Joe Dobbs is almost iconic [...]

April 25, 2017

Red Wines: Made to the drier side of Malbec.  With rich and smooth dark fruits and some slight tannins on the finish.  Argentina has the absolute best production of this grape.Domaine Janasse Cotes Du Rhone… French region of Rhone Valley has some of the best wine for food pairing.  This wine shows the bright fruit blended [...]

April 18, 2017

Red Wines: Zinfandel based red blend from the Napa Valley.  This wine has rich, bold fruits with a surreal mouth feel.  This wine is twice the price if you try to order it on line, but the Ohio distributor bought 1,000 of the 1,300 cases produced.Colossal Red… Red wine from Portugal that uses the Port grapes [...]

April 11, 2017

Red Wines: Barbera from the Piedmont region in Italy, more specifically the Alba region in Piedmont.  Barbera has some nice juicy red fruits and a slight bit of spice on the finish.Floriography Red Blend… Shiraz, Cinsault, Mourvedre, Grenache and Viognier.  This wine has depth of fruit and richness.  The slight bit of Viognier gives this wine [...]

April 4, 2017

Red Wines: 100% Tempranillo from the Castilla region of Spain.  This wine comes from a single Vineyard called Parcela 23. Flechas De Los Andes Reserve Malbec… On the drier side of Malbec, this wine offers both bright red casssis and deep blueberry like fruits.  This wine has a great framed oak finish that lasts. Storypoint Pinot Noir… [...]

March 28, 2017

Red Wines: New line of wines from the Concannon people.  This is a Cabernet from the Paso Robles region near the Central Coast of California.  Paso is known for its bold, rich Cabernet flavors with a softer silkier finish than most Napa and Sonoma Cabernets.Humberto Canale Cabernet Franc… Cabernet Franc was the original Cabernet grape.  Cabernet [...]

March 21, 2017

Red Wines: Fortnight Cabernet…Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Cabernet… These guys are jumping into the Whiskey Barrel aging of wine with this one.  This is Cabernet that has been aged in old Chivas whiskey barrels.  This adds texture and depth but not really scotch flavor.   Santa Rita secret Red Blend… Cabernet, Carmenere and Syrah are blended [...]